Sunday, August 29, 2010


I am moving dwellings again, from a 1-bedroom to a 2-bedroom apartment with some other perks like in-suite laundry. The packing is going on right now and being on the computer while looking at a stack of boxes makes me feel lazy...and anxious. Meh, it'll get done. Famous last words, heh.

Moving got me to thinking about RPG villains and their lairs. Monsters like their lairs and likely won't move for any reason, even when they are attacked and barely fend off the things with pointy sticks and fireworks. While it could be argued that because the monster won, it feels dominant and secure in its lair, if it was badly wounded I would say that it retreats at least temporarily.

As for intelligent villains, wouldn't it be fun for adventurers to stumble into their lair during a move? Either moving in or moving out. The obstacles of stacked crates, jumbled furniture, and re-discovered junk or treasure could be fun for an encounter. Or, better yet, the PCs find out the villains lair, break in only to find everything gone, and they have to do more research to track them down.

Real life inspiration for in game frustration. Used sparingly of course.

Friday, August 20, 2010


I just saw Ronin again on TV. Boy, that's a wonderful movie. Good pacing, great acting, great script, and awesome car chase scenes. Great chemistry between Jean Reno and Robert DeNiro, too.

Jean Reno was in another movie I love, Leon, another classic action movie. Gary Oldman is at his manic best as the drugged up bad guy cop. Reno is marvelous to watch as the kind-hearted assassin. I won't go near the Natalie Portman aspect ;)

Great action movies explode from the screen, but also make you think a little. Good ones are entertaining, but you can switch your brain off as you watch. Give me a great action movie any day.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Popped my cherry

Yup, my first blog post ever. Let's see if the trend continues. I plan to throw my thoughts out here, likely more oriented towards gaming and RPGs, but my month-old son may be mentioned from time to time.

So, with that in mind, the first topic is Etherscope, a steam/cyber punk RPG from Goodman Games that I plan on playing starting in October. While there's some time yet before my gaming group plays, my GM (Game Master) likes a rich world so we can create NPCs (Non-Player Characters) to populate our characters city.

I'm currently debating what kind of character to play, and I'm leaning towards a fighter type. I usually play a wizard/magician type, so going back to muscle should be fun.

Alright, off to shop and mail. It's good to be here, hopefully there will be more.

Back from chores, dinner, and eating fish.

I've made my Etherscope character, and he came together nicely after percolating in my head a bit. Enter Samuel McGraw, orphan from a young age and never officially adopted, he has stayed loyally by his friend's side. The friend will be another player's character. Samuel was taken in by a gentleman's club as a charity case, but also as a ringer for their rugby team. He picked up the gentleman's style of boxing from them, Queensbury boxing is his trademark on the street.