Thursday, August 19, 2010

Popped my cherry

Yup, my first blog post ever. Let's see if the trend continues. I plan to throw my thoughts out here, likely more oriented towards gaming and RPGs, but my month-old son may be mentioned from time to time.

So, with that in mind, the first topic is Etherscope, a steam/cyber punk RPG from Goodman Games that I plan on playing starting in October. While there's some time yet before my gaming group plays, my GM (Game Master) likes a rich world so we can create NPCs (Non-Player Characters) to populate our characters city.

I'm currently debating what kind of character to play, and I'm leaning towards a fighter type. I usually play a wizard/magician type, so going back to muscle should be fun.

Alright, off to shop and mail. It's good to be here, hopefully there will be more.

Back from chores, dinner, and eating fish.

I've made my Etherscope character, and he came together nicely after percolating in my head a bit. Enter Samuel McGraw, orphan from a young age and never officially adopted, he has stayed loyally by his friend's side. The friend will be another player's character. Samuel was taken in by a gentleman's club as a charity case, but also as a ringer for their rugby team. He picked up the gentleman's style of boxing from them, Queensbury boxing is his trademark on the street.

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