Friday, August 20, 2010


I just saw Ronin again on TV. Boy, that's a wonderful movie. Good pacing, great acting, great script, and awesome car chase scenes. Great chemistry between Jean Reno and Robert DeNiro, too.

Jean Reno was in another movie I love, Leon, another classic action movie. Gary Oldman is at his manic best as the drugged up bad guy cop. Reno is marvelous to watch as the kind-hearted assassin. I won't go near the Natalie Portman aspect ;)

Great action movies explode from the screen, but also make you think a little. Good ones are entertaining, but you can switch your brain off as you watch. Give me a great action movie any day.

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  1. Oh yeah, Leon is great.

    "Tell him I'm coming up. Tell him I'm serious"